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  verbal — %%form_data{verb}%%


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    type: text
    label: Action
    type: static
    value: |
      Title field for nominal meaning. Action field for verbal meaning.
      - - - -
      {{ 7h  b  bɾ  d  dɾ  f  fɾ  g  gɾ  h  hɾ  hl  j  k  kɾ  l 
      m  n  ng  p  pɾ  r  s  sh  t  tɾ  th  v  vɾ  w  wh  x  z  zh }}
      - - - -
      {{ a  ae  e  i  o  oe  u  uu  y  r }}
      - - - -
      Use suffix @<&nbsp;>@{{N}}@<&nbsp;>@ for the passive nasalizer.
      Copy & paste the medial flap {{[ɾ]}} from above as necessary.
    label: Rootword
    type: text
    label: Comment
    type: text
    height: 2