Note about Spelling

Sorting of the original lists of words into Sgai order, by this wiki’s text-sorting system, ignores the non-Latin symbols of IPA. For this reason I have had to resort to a Latin approximation for some letters, which will need to be used when adding new rootwords:

IPA Latin IPA Latin IPA Latin IPA Latin IPA Latin
æ ae ø oe ɯ uu ʔh 7h ŋ ng
ɹ r ʃ sh θ th ɸ wh ʒ zh


Rootwords are carefully chosen units for word-building. They must be general, simple, elemental. I have referenced such things as classifiers of Thai and Japanese, classes of Bantu, Swadesh lists of ethnolinguists, and objects in the world of children and ancient humans. And they must match well with available cv connotations. There are still many gaps.

Most of the rootwords here are probably mine and cannot be altered. However, I am happy that alternatives to existing ones be added. And of course, new cv combinations are very welcome. If deemed necessary, you may add a note in the Comment field to explain your decision. Jot your name there too, if you haven't become a member.


Compound words

Rootwords by themselves are very limited in number, and it is unwise to stretch their application across too many meanings. So most words in the Lexicon will be made up of two or more rootwords. There are several ways that roots can combine — there being dedicated link phonemes to join them — and there are prefixes and suffixes to further detail the combined meaning. When adding new compound words using the function below, there are drop-downs for the affixes.


Vocabulary resources

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start in vocabulary building. Sometimes we have a semantic bias towards familiar words & ideas. Here are some resources to help break new ground.


Phrases & sentences


Meaning Sgai word Derivation
hello kɯɡ (arbitrary)
thank you hampʼqʼ you improve me
sorry zøqʼ I ruined it


# Sgai word Derivation
1 ty single
2 tɾy pair
3 angle apex
4 slø sides
5 to flower (petals)
6 po round
7 tiha good number
8 tiwa big number
9 nøja bigger 3
ten ba hands-full
# Sgai word Derivation
20 tɾy-ba 2 as handsful
100 bɾa dup 10
k sba many 10
10k baja bigger 10
100k bɾaja bigger 100
M sbɾa many 100
G səsba many k
E12 sbaja many 10k
E15 sbɾaja many 100k
E18 səsbɾa many M
# Sgai word Derivation
zero ɸa nothing

Hexadecimal context:
ten ba ten (0x0A)
eleven beʔ B
twelve seʔ C
thirteen deʔ D
fourteen heʔ E
fifteen feʔ F
sixteen ɡeʔ G (radix)


Complete Lexicon

This includes all words (original Rootwords, approved new Rootwords and all CompoundWords) added to the wiki site. Note the use of hyphen between prefix and first root, showing more clearly the ordering of Sgai words. Note that the lists use Latin approximations of some IPA symbols, so that the sorting of words is regular.